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LPC is a Member of APPA's Tree Power Program

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Trees are beautiful to look at and the shade they create can help reduce demand for electricity. A properly planted tree can help save energy as it keeps buildings cool in the summer, with shade, and warm in the winter, with wind breaks.

As part of its effort to keep our city beautiful and comfortable, Longmont Power & Communications is proud to be a member of the American Public Power Association's Tree Power Program. This program is a nationwide effort to support utility work and maintain vibrant

forestry canopies within communities. Longmont’s designation recognizes:

          • Currently, LPC contributes $23,000 each year towards tree planting activities in the community.
          • LPC has an ongoing tree trimming program in place to ensure foliage around electric lines near homes and businesses is well managed. This work keeps Longmont looking beautiful while it helps maintains the stability of our power system and reduces the electrical hazard that trees present when they come too close to power lines.