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Saving energy while you rentLongmont Power & Communications logo

If you pay your own electric bill in a rented home, you can reduce your energy costs by using less electricity. Most of your energy dollars are spent to heat your home during the winter and cool it during the summer. Many ways of reducing your bill can be accomplished with little or no cost to you.

In the winter, keep your thermostat at 65 degrees when you are home and awake. Keep it at 60 degrees when you are asleep or not at home. Remember, though, that temperatures should be kept thermostathigher if you live with small children or senior citizens.

In the summer, keep your thermostat at 80 degrees if you have central air conditioning.

Apply vinyl coverings, insulated shutters, window quilts or window stuffers to windows. You can take them with you when you move.

Don’t block radiators or baseboard heaters with furniture, rugs or curtains.

If you have an electric heating system, you are eligible for two different electricity rates. Call Longmont Power & Communications at 651-8386 to make sure you are on the most cost-effective rate for you.

If you think your home needs additional weatherization or insulation, research costs and availability; then speak with your landlord.

Water heaterHot water
Your hot water heater consumes approximately 15% of the total energy used in your home. You can save money by reducing hot water heater energy usage.

Turn the thermostat down to 120 degrees. Keeping the water temperature at this lower temperature reduces the amount of time the heater must work.

Talk with your landlord about insulating your water heater tank and pipes.

Install low-flow shower heads. They save about 50% on water consumption, including hot water, in the shower.