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Safety tips for children

Longmont Power & Communications urges you to help protect the children in your home by identifying and correcting the electrical hazards around your home. You can avoid electrical accidents by keeping these safety tips in mind.

Electricity and toddlers don't mix. Help protect children from electrical shock by placing protective covers on all unused outlets within the child's reach.

Install special devices that lock plugs into outlets so a child can't pull them out.

Locate appliances so that a toddler can't pull them down on himself by grabbing the cord.

Don't place appliance cords and extension cords where children or pets can walk on or trip over them.

Don't allow children to fly kites near overhead electrical lines. Should a kite become entangled in the lines, make sure no one touches it and call LPC at (303) 651-8454 to request help.

Never allow children to climb a utility pole. Never allow children to play on pedestal lights or around electric meters and junction boxes.