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2014 Shock Art Call to artists - deadline for submissions May 19, 2014

2014 St.ART walking and biking tours- dates, times and locations added!

Art on the Move call to artists 2014-15

Articulture - mural on a silo project CALL TO ARTISTS -(deadline for submissions September 3)

Bike Rack project - CALL TO ARTISTS. (deadline for submissions: August 30)


Sneak preview

Art on the Move 2013 -14 sculptures

CALL TO ARTISTS AOTM 2014-15 - OPEN DECEMBER 13. 2013- January 24, 2014

2011 SHOCK ART - a community box project -

AIPP/City of Longmont Bicycle map (2012 edition)



Drive through town, run along the trails, enjoy a round of golf. Wherever you go in Longmont, you will find art. Established in 1987, Longmont’s Art in Public Places Program is funded through a 1% levy on most capital improvement projects over fifty thousand dollars ($50,000). It is administered through the Longmont Museum and managed by the Art in Public Places Commission of the City of Longmont.

Public art weaves a diverse and colorful tapestry throughout world communities. It is thought provoking, challenging, and often controversial. For centuries powerful citizens and patrons of the arts have commissioned works, such as the Sphinx of Giza, Michelangelo’s David, the Statue of Liberty and the Vietnam Memorial, all of which have become cherished symbols of pride and identity.

With the inception of the National Endowment for the Arts in 1965, the modern public art program was born in the United States. The first matching grant for a public work of art was given to the City of Grand Rapids, Michigan, in 1967. The monumental abstract sculpture, entitled La Grande Vitesse, initially stirred both praise and criticism. Over time it became a symbol for the City of Grand Rapids, and its image now adorns City sanitation trucks and the mayor’s stationery. The Grand Rapids model set the stage for public art policy. Since then, public art programs have emerged and evolved in urban cities and small towns. These programs continue to enrich and invigorate the cultural life of communities across the United States.

Public art can be fashioned of bronze, brick, steel, or fabric; it can be a mural, sculpture, park bench, banner, or imprint; it can be colorful or subdued, interior or exterior, monumental or diminutive, utilitarian or decorative. It is through a commitment to diversity in material, form and placement that Longmont’s Art in Public Places has become one of Colorado’s most successful public art programs.

The Art in Public Places Commission is composed of one City staff representative, fifteen community volunteers, a a City Council liaison. These individuals set procedure and policy for the origination of public art, using task forces and selection panels of community members to enable the process.

Involvement from citizens within the community is essential to the success of the program. Citizens are asked to submit ideas for sites for upcoming projects each year (by October 1, please) as well as given the opportunity to sit on citizen selection panels. No Masters' of art history or other background needed to apply – just an interest in participating in an exciting process, an opinion on artwork and a willingness to represent your neighborhood or community in selecting work that is appropriate, durable and aesthectically pleasing. Typically, the time commitment for such panel is about three evenings over a six to eight week period. For more information call 303-651-8924 or e-mail

Download the Selection Panel Application (61 Kb) as a PDF file. You need the FREE Acrobat Reader to read this file.

Artists who wish to be notified of upcoming projects should send their name, and email address to Art in Public Places, c/o the Longmont Museum, 400 Quail Road, Longmont CO 80501 or send an e-mail to



Longmont Museum & Cultural Center - 400 Quail Road, Longmont 80501

Longmont Museum