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Mural on a Silo

Longmont, Colorado

Deadline for submissions: September 3, 2013


The Art in Public Places (AIPP) Commission of the City of Longmont, Colorado is accepting submissions from artists, or teams of artists, who wish to be considered for painting a mural on a silo.   AIPP is a program of the City of Longmont that is administered under the Longmont Museum & Cultural Center.

Scope of Project:

There are three silos along the East side of County Line Road between Highway 119 (3rd Avenue) and 9th Avenue, all of which are owned by the City and on City property and each spaced approximately .25 miles apart from one another.  At this time, the AIPP Commission has selected the middle silo on which to paint a mural, as it is the most visible from all directions. 

The silo is empty, except for some garbage, including branches, etc.  While we are not certain of the date the silos were erected, we do know they were used for corn and wheat storage when they were “active.”  It is located South of 9th Avenue, and North of County Road 26, which leads to Union reservoir.

The property surrounding the silos is owned by the City and contains an agricultural lease; the City retains the conservation easement on the property.  Current use is agricultural and sunflowers and corn are planted and do well given the intense sunlight.

County Line Road has just been widened and improved and is well travelled by commuters.  The road spans from Berthoud to the North and Erie to the South.  This road sees approximately 14,500 cars daily, though completion of recent road improvements may increase that number.

Union Reservoir lies just East of the silo; the road to the main entryway of the Reservoir lies between the South-most and the middle silos.  Union reservoir provides one of two main water supplies for Longmont residents.  Additionally, it is open to non-motorized boats in the summer, and is a popular destination for swimmers, stand up paddle boarders, beachgoers, and dogs and their guardians.  Union Reservoir is home to the Longmont Sailing Club, Longmont Rowing Club and hosts a campground as well as several running and triathlon events during the summer.  Longmont recently celebrated its fourth annual Kinetic Sculpture Race at Union Reservoir, a festive event that attracts engineers, creativity and provides fun and entertainment for all!

A master plan for Union Reservoir has recently been developed with plans of implementation in

Additional Union Res info.

Community Profile:

The City of Longmont is located about ten miles from the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, 35 miles northwest of Denver and 12 miles northeast of Boulder.  The population of approximately 87,000 reflects a diversity of cultures including Anglo, Hispanic, Asian, African American and Native American.  Longmont has its roots in agriculture.  As the city has grown, its economy has diversified to include high-tech manufacturing and other service industries.

Description Paragraph:

The silo is 38.75 feet, or 465 inches tall.  Circumference is 44.16 feet, and the diameter is 161 inches.  Selection panelists will consider visibility of the artwork; it is not necessary to paint the entire silo.


We are hopeful that the artwork will come to fruition this (2013) year. 


Up to $15,000 is available for an artist or team of artists. This figure  includes all fees for the design, materials, transportation and installation of artwork and artists’ insurance (see below).  AIPP will provide a stipend toward either scaffolding or a cherry picker in order for the artist to execute the work.

Artist will be required to provide insurance certificate within four weeks of notification of winning commission.



Any practicing visual artist residing in the United States may apply. 

The AIPP Commission encourages artists from all cultural, ethnic, and economic backgrounds to apply. 

Artists will be required to maintain a close working relationship with the City of Longmont staff person, the Art in Public Places Commission, the selection panel(s) and the community.  This may include participation in public meetings related to the art project.

Selection Process:

A selection panel made up of citizens, artists, city staff, trail/Reservoir users and neighbors will review all artists' submissions and choose three artists as finalists.  The three finalists will be asked to submit conceptualized drawings and submit them to fit around a (20 oz.) oatmeal canister.  Artists will be asked to make presentations either in person or via Skype or similar electronic media.  Provided to the artists prior to request for proposal will be “buzzwords” as appropriate and dictated by the citizen selection panel. 


Timeline (subject to change):

September 3, 2013 – submissions due on

(week of) September 9 – finalists will be notified

Inquiries: or 303.651.8924