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Exhibit Proposal

The Longmont Museum’s mission is to engage the community in an exploration of history, art, and science through exhibition, education, and the collection, preservation and interpretation of regional history.
Hawkins and HawkinsBackground
The Longmont Museum serves a diverse audience of more than 63,000 each year. It hosts between six and nine changing exhibits annually, including community-based exhibits developed in partnership with individuals and community organizations. The Museum has two changing exhibit galleries that are each approximately 1,200 square feet, and professional staff that design and mount all of the shows.

Exhibit Proposal Process
The Longmont Museum & Cultural Center entertains proposals from artists, historians, scientists, collectors, private exhibit developers, and other community members and entities for exhibits at the Museum. The Museum generally books its exhibits up to three years out. A staff committee reviews all proposals and makes recommendations for inclusion to the full staff, who have the final decision.
Criteria for consideration are:

  • Relationship to the Museum’s mission
  • Balance and variety (within the context of the Museum’s overall exhibit schedule)
  • Costs, including shipping and Museum staff resources
  • Potential audience appeal
  • Quality and originality
  • Restrictions, including security and insurance requirements
  • Scheduling and availability
  • Space requirements

Steel AwakeningsThe Museum may make a counterproposal for the inclusion of additional artists, introduction of an historical perspective, or other augmentation of the proposed show.

Proposal Submission
Please contact for an exhibition proposal form.

After completing the form, submit it along with a digital portfolio (preferred) or slides of the proposed work and a curriculum vitae, resume, or other descriptive information on you and/or your organization. If you wish your slides returned, please include a prepaid return mailer. Digital portfolios will not be returned. Do not substitute a website address for a digital portfolio, as websites will not be reviewed. Incomplete applications will not be considered.