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Japanese Kimonos

May 24 – July 13, 2008

The Longmont Museum presents Japanese Kimonos: Traditional Motifs. This exhibition features more than 50 kimonos, 20 of the essential obi sashes, and accessories including the traditional geta sandals and even some underwear.

Kimono exhibitThe kimono has long been a symbol of traditional Japanese culture. It is a simple garment, but the variety and richness of styles, decorations, and meaning of kimonos seems limitless.

Kimonos come in many colors – wedding kimonos are typically white or red; married women’s formal kimonos are often black, and the kasuri kimonos are made with tie-dyed thread. Styles vary too, from the ofurisode kimono with three foot long sleeves designed so that a young lady can wave them to catch her lover’s eye, to the cool and informal short-sleeve cotton yukata.

This special exhibit is prepared and traveled by Blair-Murrah Exhibitions.