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On Zweck's Farm

July 19 – August 24, 2008

In the modern world of agribusiness and factory farms, some family farms survive, and even thrive. Photographer Jane Gabrilove has spent the last two years photographing Zweck’s Farm, a Centennial Farm on the western edge of Longmont. An exhibit of her photographs, On Zweck’s Farm, opens July 19 and runs through August 24, 2008.

Smarty Jones the catGabrilove’s photographs record the richness of the land and its products. Bright red tomatoes, vibrant carrots, rainbow chard, and luscious raspberries provide mouth-watering evidence of the farm’s success. Wildlife co-exists with agriculture, and more than a century of history permeates the landscape. As Gabrilove puts it, “The family, the land and the fruits of their relationship sing a song of life that, I would hope, would inspire us to appreciate the food that sustains us.” The vegetables and cattle produced on Zweck’s farm contribute to the growing “local food” movement. This movement aims to reduce the impact of agriculture on the environment by reducing the distance from farmer to consumer. It also allows food to ripen naturally and arrive in stores fresh from the land.

Visitors to On Zweck’s Farm will see color photographs that document each season in the life of this small modern farm, plus farm and beekeeping equipment.