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For Immediate Release  • September 23, 2012
Staff Contact: Kristin Libberton, Keep It Clean Partnership, 303-413-7387,

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water drop

Get to Know Your H2O


SEPTEMBER 23, 2012 - Where does our water come from, and where does it go after we use it? We turn on the tap then drink it, bathe in it, flush it, let it drain and more. But what do you really know about water? Learn about our local water from source to tap and beyond in a 45-minute interactive presentation at 7 pm on Monday, September 24, in the Longmont City Council Chambers at 350 Kimbark Street. For more information visit

2012 marks the 130th Anniversary of the City of Longmont Water Department, which was formed in 1882. 2012 is also the Year of Water in Colorado. Water organizations across the state are celebrating this milestone in many ways. Water 2012 is an organization that is working statewide basis to help get the word out about one of our most valuable natural resources.

In spite of the droughts and wildfires of this summer, 2012 marks a “wet” milestone for Colorado as we celebrate water in our semi-arid state. People across Colorado are coming together through Water 2012, an initiative that aims to connect Coloradans to their water. Join the celebration through watershed festivals, contests, traveling library and museum displays, a book club, a blog, a speakers bureau and much more.

Longmont Water consistently provides outstanding water quality to residents year after year. Along with a very high quality of water, Longmont also has one of the lowest water rates along the front range.

There are many ways to get involved with Water 2012. Visit to find an online calendar of events organized by river basin and search for water happenings near Longmont, or coordinate your own events.

The Goals of Water 2012 are to:

In addition to generating water awareness, Colorado Water 2012 will serve as the springboard for the Value of Water Campaign , a joint effort among the Colorado Water Conservation Board, Colorado WaterWise and other organizations, launching in 2013. This initiative will leverage and build upon the events, messages and materials created during Water 2012.