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Snow Storm Update and News

For more information on the City’s snow routes, please view the City Snow Map.

If you have any questions about snow removal plans please call the Public Works Operations Support Team at (303) 651-8416, Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. or view the "Snow and Ice Control Plan" document.

Snow Plow Routes

During a snow emergency, here is a list of important information for Longmont residents:

1. Snow removal crews usually concentrate their efforts on major transportation corridors. To report areas of concern, call (303) 651-8416.

2. To report downed or damaged trees call the City of Longmont's call center at 303-651-8468.

3. Are City facilities closing? There are currently no plans to close any city facilities.

4. Trash is currently being collected on a normal schedule. For questions call Longmont Public Works at (303) 651-8416.

5. If your power line is damaged between the house and the pole, a private electrician should be called for repairs. Longmont Power & Communications (LPC) is not responsible for this repair.

6. As melting begins on City streets, drainage will become an important issue around the city. To report drainage problems on city streets call (303) 651-8468 or e-mail

7. View Snow and Ice Removal Regulation: It is recommended that residents wait until the snow has stopped falling before removing the snow from their sidewalks. City Code Enforcement officers want to remind residents of their obligation to remove snow and ice from the public sidewalks adjacent to their property within 24 hours after the snow stops. If snow has been plowed onto your sidewalk you are not required to remove the mound of snow. For more information call (303) 651-8321.

8. The City continues to provide essential services and is currently operating without any issues. As usual, call the Longmont Police Department or Fire Department for emergency needs:

9. To report electrical outages 24 hours a day, call Longmont Power & Communications (LPC) at (303) 776-0011.

10. For a prerecorded update via telephone, use the City's City Source messaging system by calling (303) 774-4370 and enter ext. 1200 for english and 2200 for Spanish.

11. Snow plan updates are also available on Comcast cable channel 16.

12. Stay up to date on Twitter at

13. Visit us on Facebook at

14. Melting snow and low temperatures are usually a recipe for potholes. To report potholes on City streets call 303-651-8416 or fill out the online form.


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Para información sobre los esfuerzos de la limpieza de la nieve,  por favor llamen a el centro de llamadas de Trabajos  Publicos y Recursos Naturales al 303-651-8416. Los residentes que esten sin luz deben de llamar a la línea de interrupción de luz  al 303-776-0011. Para reportar una caída de luz, favor de llamar al 303-776-0011. Para reportar ramas caídas o arboles caídos, favor de llamar al 303-651-8468.

Para más información usted puede buscar en la página web en o a través de los medios sociales en el Facebook en o en Twitter en


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