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Current Wildlife Management Activities

The protection of wildlife and preservation of wildlife habitats are important to the City of Longmont and its citizens. The philosophy of the City is to allow the coexistence of wildlife and human activities on City owned and managed lands whenever possible. Although City policies emphasize problem prevention and “wildlife-friendly” solutions, some situations have arisen, and will continue to arise, in which wildlife must be removed from a specific area. The City may, as a last resort, implement lethal control measures in a humane manner and complying with federal and state laws. When this alternative method is recommended, the plan requires prior approval by the City Manager, who may require a public hearing or other opportunities for public comment.

The City Manager is soliciting public comment for the next five business days as it relates to these requests.

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Current Requests Date Posted Comments accepted until.
Previous Issues Date Posted Comments Received
Wildlife Management Request - Dry Creek Community Park 06/18/2013 06/24/2013



Public Commenting

To comment about the current Wildlife Management Issue, please take a moment to complete our online feedback form. All comments will be made public within 24 hrs during our normal business hours. Should your comment be submitted after business hours, it will be made available on our website during the next normal business day.