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FAQ's: Parks, Recreation & Trails Master Plan Project

Parks Master Plan Project, City of Longmont, Colorado

What is a Parks, Recreation & Trails Master Plan?

A Parks, Recreation & Trails Master Plan is a guiding document to support future development, maintenance and management of the City's parks, trails, greenways, recreation facilities, programs and services. With an all-inclusive community involvement process to develop the plan, decision-makers can rely on the plan to guide budgetary decisions and prioritization efforts that affect everyday life in Longmont.

Why does Longmont need a Parks, Recreation & Trails Master Plan?

Even though the Longmont community has a long history of support and pride in its parks, recreation & trails system, thus far the City has operated without a Parks, Recreation & Trails Master Plan. The Longmont Area Comprehensive Plan provides some guidance for these valued resources, however the Comp. Plan is not designed to go into the depth that a Parks, Recreation & Trails Master Plan will provide. Additionally, Longmont is not unlike other communities, in that we are experiencing a slow-down in development and expansion of new parks and facilities and an increase in need to maintain, sustain and renew our existing parks and facilities. The City currently does not have the resources in place to sustain both goals long term. The master plan will look at this shift in resources and provide recommendations for developing new parks, trails and recreational facilities, and also focus on how to maintain what we have.

Why is open space not included in this planning document?

Open space is not being evaluated in the plan because the City already has an Open Space and Trails Master Plan that was adopted by City Council in 2002. Management of the City's open space lands is a specialized field with very different goals and objectives than parks and recreation. Updating the Open Space and Trails Master Plan independently of the Parks, Recreation & Trails Master Plan will allow each plan to focus on the unique goals and objectives of each area. Open Space is an integral piece of Longmont's system of parks, greenways and recreation opportunities, so open space properties will be shown on all maps associated with the Parks, Recreation & Trails Master Plan to demonstrate a system-wide view of Longmont's public lands.

Is golf included in the plan?

The City's golf course properties will be shown on the system-wide City property maps, however, the City's golf courses, fees, services and programs will not be evaluated as part of this effort.

How long will the process take?

For an up-to-date view, visit the Project Calendar. In general the master Plan process is scheduled to take approximately 9 months with adoption of the plan targeted for March of 2013.

What is the best way to get involved?

Community involvement is vital to the success of the plan. Join us for Upcoming Meetings, look for us at events and meetings throughout the community, Contact Us or provide Comments. Also, if you represent a group or organization in the community that has an interest in learning more about the project, please Contact Us, we would enjoy meeting your group in whatever setting works best for you.