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In September 2013, Longmont experienced the most devastating flash flood event in its history. The flooding caused extensive damage throughout Longmont. Many of our parks and greenways were impacted. The most up-to-date park and trail closure information due to flood damage and repair activities can be found on the City's flood information website:


Clean-Up Green-Up

Clean-Up Green-Up

If you missed Saturday's, April 5th Kick-off there is still time to call and sign up for the City wide Clean-Up Green-Up event, it runs through April 30th.  You can pick the area you want to clean up or we can give you an area that needs cleaning.  Additionally, flood recovery projects and clean-up opportunities will be available to sign up for.  For more information call Lore Blattner at 303-651-8955 or email:

Kanemoto Pool Replacement Survey

Take the Kanemoto Pool Survey

Please take our short preference survey to help guide design decisions related to this pool replacement project! If you have questions please email Paula Fitzgerald at

Click this link - Kanemoto Pool Survey


Weed Spraying Locations:

Yellow flags will be posted after application is applied, please wait until the yellow flags have been removed before allowing kids and pets onto those areas.  All applications are weather dependent.  Thank you for your patience during this process.

Contact Jim Krick - 303-651-8451 Natural Resources for the following locations:

Week of 4/14/14 - Rogers Grove, North side of St. Vrain River

Contact Rob Chapman - 303-651-8745 Parks Operations for the following locations:

Wednesday, April 2nd thru Friday, April 4th the following shrub bed areas will be spot sprayed:  Raber Park, Oligarchy Ditch West, Ken Pratt Blvd., Pike Road, Lanyon Park, Harvard Substation, Meeker Center, 9th Ave. East, Pace Street, Airport Road, Pleasant Valley, 17th Ave. West, Spring Gulch, Meadowview Greenway, 17th Ave. East, 21st Ave. Substation, Prairie Village Subdivision.

April 9th - Civic Center, Safety & Justice, Development Service Center - pre-emergent and spot shot granular in rocks and shrub bed areas.

April 10 - Garden Acres Park - spraying fence lines, around light poles and warning tracks in the ball fields.  Carr and Pratt Park ball fields.

Fertilizer Application Locations:

Contact Ken Wicklund - 303-651-8449 Natural Resources - Forestry for the following locations:


Park Restrooms Closed For Season:

All Park Restrooms have been closed for the winter season as of October 15, 2013 and will not reopen until April 14, 2014, except for the following:

Restrooms that will remain open during the winter and portable toilets will be placed October 15th:

All of the restrooms at the community parks including, Garden Acres, Clark Centennial and Sandstone Ranch will remain open until November 15th.

Park Updates:

Spangler & Lanyon Park Renewal Plans

Spangler Park and Lanyon Park are two of Longmont's many older neighborhood parks in need of renewal. Both parks are high priorities for playground replacement and the restroom at Spangler Park is also due for replacement. In order to appropriately plan for replacement of these amenities the City is working with a consulting team to develop park renewal plans which will guide locations, access, circulation, ADA compliance, safety and usability of the amenities in these parks. The purpose of a park renewal plan is to review the existing uses at a park, identify strategies for bringing the park up-to-date, and ensure park elements are relevant and restored to their intended purpose. Please visit the Project Website for more information and upcoming meetings. For questions regarding this project, please contact Kathy Kron at (303) 774-4528 or via e-mail at

Kensington Park - South Playground Replacement Project

Replacement of the playground at the south end of Kensington Park is underway! Plans include a new expanded playground with swings and new playground surfacing with increased safety and universal accessibility. Improvements at the site also include installation of a mini-shelter, picnic table, trash receptacles, a bike rack and 2 benches. The project is a wonderful example of community support and would not have been possible without a donation from the Guadalupe Charitable Trust to honor Paul David Rodriguez, one of the City's Latino sons who grew up in the Kensington neighborhood and was killed in the Vietnam War on April 5, 1966. In addition to the private donation, the Kensington neighborhood also received a Neighborhood Improvement Grant to aid the project and LiveWell Longmont is donating a bike rack for the site. The new playground and site improvement is scheduled for completion in mid to late April, 2014 (weather dependent of course). For questions regarding this project, please contact Kathy Kron at (303) 774-4528 or via e-mail at

Parks, Recreation & Trails Master Plan

A new Parks, Recreation & Trails Master Plan for the City of Longmont has been developed and is currently in the process of review and acceptance. Please visit the Project Website to view the final draft of The Plan. The goal of the planning effort was to solicit input and develop a community-driven master plan that will guide the development and renewal of the City's valued parks, recreation and trail system. The planning team would like to thank everyone who participated in the process and provided input. Please check out the Project Calendar for upcoming City Council meetings to show your support or provide additional input. We look forward to activating this plan and working with the community toward our shared vision of the future of Longmont's parks, recreation and trails system. For questions regarding this project, please contact Kathy Kron at (303) 774-4528 or via e-mail at

Dry Creek Community Park - Phase 1 Under Construction

American Civil Constructors is completing warranty obligations for their construction of Phase 1 park improvements. For your own safety, Please stay out of the park! The park is tentatively slated for opening in 2014. Look here for specific opening dates!

Link to more details for Dry Creek Community Park


Bee Swarms - What to do?

If you see bee swarms on City property, please call 303-651-8446.

For bee swarms on private property, please contact the Boulder County Beekeepers Association hotline at: call:

For bee removal from a building or structure, please call:

Park Restrooms - call 303-651-8416 to report damages


Mission Statement and Goals

To provide safe, clean, well maintained and attractive public environments for the use of all visitors of the park system. Our service shall demonstrate good land stewardship, quality park facility planning, our staff's knowledge of the green industry, and the highest standards of technical proficiency. We strive to provide this service with a good attitude and communication skills.

Green Practices Greenway, District Park & Open Space Maintenance Practices  

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