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Jim Hamm Pond Phase 3 Development


Project News

This Construction Project has been awarded to Colorado Designscapes, Inc. Work is still underway.

FOR YOUR SAFETY - please stay off trails and out of the park throughout the construction period. Closures will occur to protect your safety.

Restrooms will remain closed and the south parking lot will be closed for further construction. Your cooperation to stay out of the park area is appreciated. We hope you discover and enjoy some of Longmont's other wonderful park areas until this project is complete. We appreciate your cooperation!

Project Overview

This project is the final phase of the master planned project and will include the amenities noted on the Jim Hamm Pond Master Plan done in 1998. Some modifications will be made for budget and long term maintenance reasons, however the program intent will stay the same. A new natural play area amenity will be included. This amenity provides a simple play element for children in keeping with the natural area of a District Park.

Phase 3 will provide the following amenities:

Master Plan

The master plan has been marked up to better reflect work intended as part of the Phase 3 improvement project. Please be aware that this plan is somewhat conceptual in nature and is intended to show program elements and their general location only. This is not the construction plan. Please find that master plan at this link. Phase 3 Master Plan Work

Project Schedule

The pond was drained in September 2013 to accommodate warranty work on the pond outlet structure and because of flood damage to the ditch headgate. It will be refilled in May after ditch repairs are complete.

The following is a tentative schedule for the project:

Design Complete
Bid Complete
Construction April - August 2014

If you have any questions, Please contact Paula Fitzgerald at 303-651-8448, or