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Kanemoto Park - Missouri & South Pratt Parkway

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Kanemoto Pool: two concepts for a new activity pool

Partial image of the Concept Site Plan A for Kanemoto Activity Pool, 2014View two plans along with the concept plan narratives below.

Kanemoto Pool Replacement Concept Plan Differences

Both Plans: View sample images of small features included within Plans A and/or B

• Utilize existing pool equipment and restroom buildings. Restroom use for park visitors to utilize previous designated pool restrooms.
• New pool is within proximity to the pool equipment building to utilize existing pump infrastructure
• Minor remodel of existing pool equipment building to ensure visual control and safety.
• New pool is north of the buildings to minimize potential for future flood impacts
• New pool is in same general location as existing playground – playground to move to the west
• New pool to be of similar size and type as previous pool
• Mitigate potential for baseball fly balls into pool enclosure by additional backstop fencing and hood. Also can be programmed to minimize games during pool use hours.
• Retain as many existing trees as possible
• New 8’ wide walkway north of pool and new 10’ wide walkway south of pool provide alternate park access options
• New pool to be surrounded by sod area and pool decking
• Bicycle parking is provided near pool entry
• Shade trees and shade umbrellas are proposed around the new pool
• Existing covered bench to be moved into the park area (west).
• Freestanding drinking fountain to be provided near the location of the existing pool shower
• Public art piece and historical sign provided

Plan A: View Plan A

• Pool is located off of the existing irrigation pipeline
• Most of pool enclosure is within park property (more pool infrastructure is on school property)
• Pool is closer to the parking lot – slightly narrower landscape buffer on north side, but more open green space on south side.
• Slightly narrower landscape buffer between parking and new pool fence
• Existing playground is replaced with Tot Lot (only) west of restroom. (6-12 yr. play structures available at Burlington Elementary School. Tot lot is smaller than existing playground)
• Existing volleyball court remains
• Pool entry north of existing pool equipment building – pay station at NW corner of that building
• Smaller sod and deck areas within pool enclosure
• Zero-depth, sprays & geysers, central water feature, water slide (8ft high), 3’-6” water depth is provided.

Plan B: View Plan B

• Pool is located on top of existing irrigation pipeline – portion will need to be relocated
• More of pool is within park property (less pool infrastructure on school property)
• Pool is located further west from the parking lot – more landscape buffer space, wider sod area
• Existing volleyball court to be relocated to the west end of the park (specific location to be determined)
• Existing playground is replaced with tot AND 6-12 yr. structures at location of existing volleyball court
• Pool entry from south and on the west side of existing pool equipment building – pay station at NW corner of that building
• Larger sod and deck areas within pool enclosure
• Zero-depth, sprays & geysers, water features, and slightly deeper water (4ft.) is provided.
• Shade trees, umbrellas, and a larger shade structure is provided


In September 2013, Longmont experienced the most devastating flash flood event in its history. The flooding caused extensive damage throughout Longmont. Many of our parks and trails were impacted.

Several areas of Kanemoto Park are OPEN; however, the pool, Tower of Compassion and pedestrian bridge to Left Hand Greenway are all closed. Additional areas will be closed when needed for repair work. Flood recovery work at the park will occur in phases and includes the design and rebuild the irrigation pump station in a new location, repairing irrigation lines, restoring path lighting, replacing concrete paths, replacing the water feature, and stabilizing the creek banks (part of overall creek channel repairs).

Please be sure to review the most up-to-date closure information due to flood damage and repair activities, found on the City's flood information website:


Donated to the City of Longmont by the Kanemoto family in 1966, Kanemoto Park is a 7 acre park within Southmoor Park, a neighborhood built by the family on land they had farmed. Goroku Kanemoto (1882-1935), immigrated from Japan in 1910. He worked on the railroad, then in Colorado on potato and beet fields until he could lease his own farm. His sons George and James became truck farmers and businessmen, as well as leaders in the community and in the Buddhist Church.

Kanemoto Park showcases the Tower of Compassion, a structure built in the style of a traditional Japanese temple. It was donated to the people of Longmont by the Kanemoto family as an expression of gratitude, and giving selflessly of oneself. On a nearby plaque is explanation of the 5 story tower. Each level represents the meaning of compassion - Love, Empathy, Understanding, Gratitude of all Things, and Giving Selflessly of Oneself.

A children's activity pool with a waterfall feature is also found at the eastern end of the park. Lefthand Creek Greenway borders the park to the south, extending east and west with connection to the St. Vrain Greenway. Burlington Elementary School is found north of the park.

Map showing location of Kanemoto Park in Longmont


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