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Long Range Planning

The Long Range Planning service performs research and special studies for the Historic Preservation Commission, Planning and Zoning Commission, and the City Council. It maintains and updates the Longmont Area Comprehensive Plan (LACP). These efforts include transportation planning, evaluating land use amendments and other development applications, providing assistance to other City divisions to ensure their planning is coordinated with the LACP, and handling special projects related to the implementation of the LACP. This service contributes to maintaining and updating the City's land use inventory and related maps and documents, and coordinates efforts to maintain and update a City database. It provides staff support and professional advice in the area of long range planning and historic preservation to the Historic Preservation Commission, the Planning and Zoning Commission, and the City Council. This service administers the City's intergovernmental agreements with Boulder County and Weld County . It also coordinates with other organizations such as the St. Vrain Valley School District, the Denver Regional Council of Governments, the Regional Transportation District, and the Northern Front Range Metropolitan Planning Organization. The focus of this service reflects City Council's priorities and the need to participate in projects and schedules administered by other organizations.

Operational Planning

Operational Planning provides customer service in the area of development review. The operational planning staff coordinates the review of development applications and is the primary contact between applicants, city staff, outside agencies, and other interested parties. Staff provides information to citizens, community organizations, special interest groups, developers, realtors, and other interested parties regarding land development issues. Operational planning provides staff support and professional advice to the Planning and Zoning Commission, City Council and other city committees. Operational planning also administers the city's land development ordinances and updates the ordinances as needed in response to direction from the City Council and Planning and Zoning Commission, or as a result of new or revised county, state, and federal regulations, and changing development trends.

Development Engineering

Development Engineering provides customer service in the area of development review. The development engineering staff review development applications for consistency to adopted city development and public improvement standards. In addition to providing development review services for land development applications, the development engineering service also coordinates the public improvement plan review process and the preparation of public improvement agreements for City Council approval.


Mission Statement

Department of Economic Development Mission Statement


The Economic Development Department creates partnerships and fosters opportunities to promote Longmont’s economic vitality.   We engage the community in building a sustainable economy, creating livable neighborhoods and preserving the built and natural environment to maintain and enhance our quality of life.  We are known for our responsiveness, consistency, streamlined processes and accessibility.

Department of Economic Development

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