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Citizen Connection - Development Projects

Citizen Connection is designed to provide information and resources to assist citizens in providing input into the development procedures and applications affecting Longmont.

Planning provides customer service in the area of development review. Planning staff coordinates the review of development applications and is the primary contact between applicants, city staff, outside agencies, and other interested parties. Staff provides information to citizens, community organizations, special interest groups, developers, realtors, and other interested parties regarding land development issues. Planning provides staff support and professional advice to the Planning and Zoning Commission, City Council and other city boards and commissions. Planning administers the city’s land development ordinances and updates the ordinances as needed in response to direction from the City Council and Planning and Zoning Commission, or as a result of new or revised county, state, and federal regulations, and changing development trends.

How to Get Involved - Your Connection

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View the City of Longmont's Community Involvement Process

MAJOR Development Review Procedure  - (Flow chart and step review)

Major applications:  LACP Amendment, Development Code Amendment, Annexation/Annexation Referral, Zoning Map Amendment (Rezoning), Preliminary Subdivision Plat, Preliminary PUD Development Plan, Preliminary Mobile Home Subdivision Plat/Site Plan, Conditional Use, Vacation of Right-of-Way or Easement, Height Exception, Variance (PZ), Transfer of Development Rights, and Site Specific Development Plan - Vested Property Right.

MINOR Development Review Procedure - (Flow chart and step review)

Minor applications:  Minor Subdivision Plat, Final Subdivision Plat, Final PUD Development Plan, Final Mobile Home Subdivision Plat/Site Plan, Limited Use, Site Plan, Exception to Street and Access Standards, Temporary Use, Minor Modification, Flexible Sign Plan, and Alternate Parking Plan

Some projects are sent to the following boards for review and comment: 



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