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Longmont Area Comprehensive Plan

Longmont Area Comprehensive Plan
(Final Text Version - pdf file)

- Adopted by City Council on 8/26/03
- Effective date 9/8/03

The Longmont Area Comprehensive Plan (LACP) presents a comprehensive view of the community, defining the visions of the City's future, and establishing general methods by which to realize those visions.

Contact information: If you have questions about the LACP, please contact Planning at 303-651-8330 or by email at longmont.planning@ci.longmont.co.us


Longmont Area Comprehensive Plan

(Chapter pdf files)

Maps (pdf files)

Table of Contents


Growth of the City

Land Use and Urban Design


Economic Development

Commercial Development

Central Business District

Public Improvements


Human Services, Culture and Education

Environmental Quality and Resources Conservation

Parks, Greenways, and Open Space

Role of Government

Amending the Longmont Area Comprehensive Plan

Three-Tier Planning System (1MB)

Neighborhood Planning Areas (755KB)

Historic Districts (292KB)

Longmont Downtown Development Authority (174KB)

Transit and Pedestrian Districts Map (721KB)

Bikeways (436KB)

Airport Influence Zone (672KB)

Primary Greenways (1MB)

Comprehensive Plan (5.72MB)


Appendix A - Indicators Monitoring Program

Appendix B - Helpful Hints to Reading the Longmont Area Comprehensive Plan

Appendix C - Build Out Calculations - Longmont Planning Area

Appendix D - Ordinance O-2003-58, Adopting an Updated and Amended Longmont Area Comprehensive Plan

Appendix E - Amendments


Ordinance O-2004-06

Ordinance O-2004-35

Ordinance O-2004-46

Ordinance O-2004-48

Ordinance O-2004-69

Ordinance O-2004-72

Ordinance O-2004-80

Ordinance O-2004-85

Ordinance O-2005-23

Ordinance O-2005-43

Ordinance O-2005-48

Ordinance O-2006-05

Ordinance O-2006-06

Ordinance O-2006-15

Ordinance O-2006-26

Ordinance O-2006-30

Ordinance O-2007-06 / Attachment 1 / Attachment 2 / Attachment 3

Ordinance O-2007-40 / Attachment 1 / Attachment 2 / Attachment 3

Ordinance O-2007-49 / Exhibit A - Color Map

Ordinance O-2007-58

Ordinance O-2007-87

Ordinance O-2007-90

Ordinance O-2008-36

Ordinance O-2008-37

Ordinance O-2008-44

Ordinance O-2008-49 / Exhibit A - Color Map

Ordinance O-2008-58 / Attachment 5 - Bikeways / Attachment 6 - Transit and Pedestrian Districts

Ordinance O-2008-98

Ordinance O-2010-07 / Exhibit A - Color Map

Ordinance O-2010-28

Ordinance O-2011-67

Ordinance O-2012-01

Ordinance O-2012-23

Ordinance O-2013-24



The following report was prepared by the City of Longmont Planning Division. (The report is also available by contacting the Planning Division)

The following reports were prepared by "Economic & Planning Systems, Inc." (The reports are also available by contacting the Planning Division)

City of Longmont Commercial Market Analysis - Longmont Area Comprehensive Plan Update

Final Demographic and Economic Forecasts - Longmont Area Comprehensive Plan