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Designated Landmarks

Atwood Street, Baker Street
Bowen Street, Bross Street

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546 Atwood Street 428 Baker Street 600 Baker Street
Presbyterian College
546 Atwood Street
Miller House
428 Baker Street
Corner House
600 Baker Street
616 Baker Street 734 Baker Street 802 Baker Street
Graham House
616 Baker Street
J. Cawner House
734 Baker Street
Smith-Abbott House
802 Baker Street
201 Bowen Street 207 Bowen Street 407 Bowen Street
J.W. Turrell House
201 Bowen Street
George Beckwith
207 Bowen Street
James W. Bacon House
407 Bowen Street
314 Bross Street 319 Bross Street 326 Bross Street
Preston Townley House
314 Bross Street
H.W. Preston House
319 Bross Street
Sullivan Mahony House
326 Bross Street
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