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Designated Landmarks

Hover Road, Kimbark Street
Longs Peak Avenue, Main Street

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1309 Hover Road 250 Kimbark Street 375 Kmibark Street
Hover Home
1309 Hover Road
Great Western Hotel
250 Kimbark Street
Historic City
375 Kimbark Street
402 Kimbark Street 726 Kimbark Street 730 Kimbark Street
Prebyterian Church
402 Kimbark Street
Hildreth House
726 Kimbark Street
Baker House
730 Kimbark Street
1110 Longs Peak Avenue 103 Main Street 136 South Main Street
Kramer House
1110 Longs Peak Avenue
Old City Electric
103 Main Street
Dickens Homestead
136 S. Main Street
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