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Designated Landmarks

Pratt Street, 2nd Avenue
St. Hwy. 119, Terry Street, 3rd Avenue

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255 Pratt Street 318 Pratt Street 335 Pratt Street
William Butler House
255 Pratt Street
Secor-Clarke House
318 Pratt Street
Library Hall
335 Pratt Street
347 Pratt Street 436 Pratt Street 924 2nd Avenue
D.C. Donovan House
347 Pratt Street
J.M. Anderson House
436 Pratt Street
Old Allen House
924 2nd Avenue
990 State Highway 119 312 Terry Street 537 Terry Street
Morse Coffin House
990 St Hwy 119
Callahan House
312 Terry Street
J.B. Thompson
537 Terry Street
15 3rd Avenue    
Kuner-Empson Cannery
15 3rd Avenue
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