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Designated Landmarks

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Graham House
616 Baker Street

Landmark Designation: 2004

Construction Date: 1906

Architectural Style: Classic Cottage

The house at 616 Baker Street was constructed in 1906 by W.C. and Mary Graham. W.C. Was employed as a chief chemist at the Great Western Sugar Company plant in Longmont. Between 1907 and 1918, the house was occupied by John and Olive Carson.

John was born in 1980 in Bloomington, Indiana and arrived in Colorado in 1898. In 1905 he came to Longmont, where he engaged in farming through this retirement in the mid-1920s.

In 1918, the home was occupied for a short time by James and Clara Barr. James was born in Lynchburg, Ohio in 1865, came to Colorado in the early 1890s, and settled in Longmont in 1902. After operating general stores for a number of years prior to arriving in Longmont in 1902, he changed careers and became a general contractor.

Between 1919 and 1923, the house was occupied by a widow by the name of Elnora Stewart.

From 1926 to 1928, the house was occupied by Fred and Mabel Hunt. Eugene "Fred" Hunt was born in Riverton, Nebraska in 1885 and came to Colorado around 1906. Mabel was born in 1883 in Illinois. At the time they lived at 616 Baker Street, Fred and Mabel were the proprietors of a billiard hall. Fred was also working for the Great Western Sugar Company plant, where he remained employed for thiry years.

Between 1928 and 1933, the house was occupied by Milo and Elsie Marston, about whom little is known other than that Milo worked as a salesman. Also living in the house during theses years were Roland Veneman (a laborer) and William and Dartle Veneman, about whom nothing is known.

From 1934 to at least 1938, the house was evidently owned by Thomas Wallace (and his estate). Thomas was born in Peoria, New York in 1864 and came to Colorado in 1896. He farmed in the Niwot area from 1911 to 1916 and then moved to Longmont, where he built an auto garage at the corner of 5th Avenue and Kimbark Street. Wallace died in 1935 and it appears that he never lived in the house at 616 Baker Street.

Between approximately 1936 and 1938, the house was occupied by Vernon and Cara Osborne, along with Claude Osborne and Herbert Osborne. Vernon was born in Holyoke, Colorado in 1887, farmed for many years, and operated a gasoline station in Longmont. Cara was born in Bloomfield, Iowa in 1894 and came to Longmont around 1906. Claude was born in 1897 in Kime, Missouri and came to Longmont in 1929, where he worked for twenty-five years as a cook at the Williams Cafe. Littlie is known about Herbert other than he worked as a laborer and later became manager of the Longmont city dump.

Finally, between the early 1940s and 1973, the property was occupied by Vance and Marcy Crnkovich. Vance was born in Yugoslavia in 1886 and immigrated to the US in 1903, where he settled in Illinois. He married Mary in 1915 in Iowa and the couple moved to Longmont in 1939, where Vance worked as a coal miner until his retirement.

If you would like to learn more about this property, please see our architectural survey that was completed on the property in 2003.

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