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Designated Landmarks

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802 Baker Street

Smith-Abbott House
802 Baker Street

Landmark Designation: 2004

Construction Date: 1899

Architectural Style: Vernacular Wood Frame

Constructed in the late 1890s, the first recorded owner of 802 Baker Street is O.F. (T?) Smith. Town of Longmont Water Rent Collection records show that by June 1899 and continuing through 1901, water bills were being sent to Smith for payment. From June of 1902 through 1904, N.M. Read was the owner of this four-room dwelling. Read was followed in turn by George H. Abbott, who owned the property from circa 1906 until the late 'teens or early twenties. George Abbott was an early Longmont resident, arriving here before 1892. In the 1892 Longmont City Directory, he is listed as a driver, living at the corner of Gay and 6th. By 1906, he and his wife Belle, and their sons Harvey and Clyde, were living at 720 Martin Street, which remained the family home for many years. At this time, Abbott was making a living as a farmer. The Abbotts apparently used the property at 802 Baker to generate rental income. In 1906, the home's occupants were Ora G. and Ida Storm. Ora Storm was a locomotive engineer. Also residing here was Anna Sargent, a widow who was employed as a housekeeper. By 1910, the Storms had moved to 836 Baker Street. Mr. Storm was no longer a railroad employee, but had become affiliated with the "steam rolled barley mill," located at the corner of 3rd Avenue and Baker Street. With the departure of the Storms, the home at 802 Baker was next rented by Daniel M. and Bridget P. Ward, their daughter Helen, and John F. Kelly. Kelly was a clerk for Schauer Brothers store on Main Street, which in 1910 advertised "groceries, bakery and meats." Ward was a state factory inspector. In the mid-1910s, Harvey Abbott moved out on his own, living for a time in this property. By 1923, Frank and Hattie Payne occupied the home with their children, Cyril and Louise. Five years later, the Jake Stanley family resided here. Jake Stanley was a miner, working in the local coal mines. His wife, Mae, supplemented the family's income as a hairdresser. The couple had at least one daughter, Violet M. Stanley, who became a schoolteacher.

If you would like to learn more about this property, please see our architectural survey that was completed on the property in 2003.

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