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Designated Landmarks

Robert O. Stephens House
503 Bross Street

Landmark Designation: 1977

Construction Date: 1891

Architectural Style: Queen Anne

This house is a classic example of architecture of the late Victorian period and is a prime example of the architectural style and quality of building that was being done in Longmont's formative years.

Robert O. Stephens owner-builder of this home is a significant person in the development of Longmont. Although he originally moved to Colorado with the Greeley Colony, he came to Longmont and took membership in the Colony when it was about 3-years old. He contributed his talents as a mason throughout his life to the community. Among his credits are the First Presbyterian Church and the Longmont Drug Co.

Mr. Stephens purchased the site for the purpose of building a "retirement cottage" for himself and his wife, Hannah. This location was considered ideal because it was adjacent to Thompson Park and only one block from the public school.

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