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Designated Landmarks

E.B. Hanson House
438 Collyer Street

Landmark Designation: 1998

Construction Date: 1906

Architectural Style: Bungalow

This home was the full time residence of E.B. Hanson. He was a well known building contractor and home builder and constructed many of the homes in Longmont. The first California bungalow roofs in Longmont were introduced by Mr. Hanson. The Green Mountain power plant, the first plant put into operation by the Bureau of Reclamation, had all it's fixtures and cabinets made by E.B. Hanson. The band hall for Longmont High School was awarded to E.B. Hanson in 1948.

This structure has value as part of the Heritage of the City of Longmont. It is identified with a person who had some influence on society and whose influence on the architecture of Longmont can still be seen.

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