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Designated Landmarks

D.W. Spangler House
1032 Collyer Street

Landmark Designation: 1981

Construction Date: 1903

Architectural Style: Queen Anne

Dallas Wilson Spangler, known as D.W., came to the St. Vrain Valley in 1889 at the age of twenty, seeking health. He had to interrupt his college training at Morrill Normal College in Kansas at the end of this third year because of tuberculosis.

Because his family were Dunkards (Church of the Bretheren), and because he had read in an early Longmont newspaper about a Dunkard Church in Hygiene, he boarded a train from his home in Kansas and came to Longmont, and from here to Hygiene. He got room and board in the Dunkard home of Taswell Turner of Hygiene and found work with George Webster, pioneer farmer and nurseryman.

Soon after, he came to Longmont, married Lottie Gregg in 1895 and began teaching in Chapman School, four miles northeast of Longmont. In 1901 his teaching career brought him to Longmont High School. There he remained for forty-three years, teaching twenty-three different subjects, while taking extension courses and attending night school. Mr. Spangler was largely responsible for the early introduction of agriculture into Longmont's curriculum. During all his years of teaching, he also maintained a nursery at his home and supplied much of the landscaping stock for the Longmont area.

D.W. Spangler is the only Longmont citizen for whom one of our schools has been named, Spangler Elementary, plus neighboring Spangler Park.

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