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Designated Landmarks

M.J. Perrin House
501 Emery Street

Landmark Designation: 1985

Construction Date: 1902

Architectural Style: Edwardian Vernacular

Mrs. M.J. Perrin and her husband, John C. Perrin, moved to Longmont in 1870. Mrs. Perrin is listed as a Charter Member of Central Presbyterian Church which was organized in July of 1871 and was active in the Women's Relief Corps. In 1921, Mrs. Perrin sold the house to the Church and it served as the Presbyterian Manse for 40 years.

This home is a significant part of Longmont's history for two reasons, one, it is a visual anchor for the Eastside Neighborhood, and two, the house is one of fourteen "corner houses" listed in the 1975-76 W.I..C.H.E. Architectural Study.

HPC 1985-6