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Designated Landmarks

Slater House
608 Emery Street

Landmark Designation: 2004

Construction Date: 1906

Architectural Style: Dutch Colonial Revival

Until late 1906, this property was associated with 612 Emery Street. In that year, Frank and Lena Chlanda sold the vacant south half of their lot to F.B. Slater, who apparently had James Wiggins and his son construct this large, Dutch Colonial Revival house. Slater lived here five years before selling the property to Sylvester E. and Mary Gail Tice, who resided at this address for the next thirty-three years. Sylvester married Gail Smith on October 3, 1901, at Prairie City, Iowa. They moved to a farm hear Monroe, Iowa, where they lived for the next decade. The Tices moved to Longmont in 1912, when they purchased this house. Sylvester continued to tend farming interests around the Longmont area. Together, the Tices had three children. Sylvester died in 1958. Gail sold the house in 1977 before moving into a personal care home. She died two years later.

If you would like to learn more about this property, please see our architectural survey that was completed on the property in 2001.

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