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Designated Landmarks

Jennings House
102 4th Avenue

Landmark Designation: 2004

Construction Date: 1895

Architectural Style: Vernacular Wood Frame

The house at 102 4th Avenue was the home of Aker K. and Elna Jennings. Aker had been born in February 1848, while Elna, had been born just a month later. Elan was a native of Sweden, and it is possible that Aker was a native of that country as well. Mr. and Mrs. Jennings had arrived in Longmont by 1889, and in the ensuing years, Aker earned a living as a carpenter. In about 1895, Mr. Jennis constructed this residence for his family. Mr. and Mrs. Jennings lived and owned this home until their respective deaths in 1918 and 1928. Over the years of their marriage, Aker and Elan raised a family of six daughters and one son. Their youngest daughter, Matilda, continued to live in the house following her mother's death, until the mid-1940s. Matilda, who never married, worked as a nurse and as indicated in the city directories, she apparently supplemented her income by taking in boarders during the Great Depression years of the 1930s. Matilda Jennings passed away in Longmont in December 1962.

Following the Jennings family, the property was occupied briefly by H. Arnold Palmer. In 1955, the property had become the residence of John F. and Agnes Denne. The Dennes lived and owned here until the mid-1970s. John F. Denne was born in March 1899 at Altus, Arkansas. He and Agnes Leding were married in June 1919, and they subsequently made their home at Fort Smith, Arkansas until 1945. In that year, the family moved to Longmont, where John gained employment as a coal miner in the Boulder Valley Mine. The Dennes purchase this home in the early 1950s, and live here until moving to Greeley in 1982.

If you would like to learn more about this property, please see our architectural survey that was completed on the property in 2003.

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