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Designated Landmarks

Carrie Rendahl House
511 Gay Street

Landmark Designation: 2003

Construction Date: 1904 est.

Architectural Style: Vernacular Wood Frame

Mrs. Carrie Rendahl was born in Norway in 1855 and moved to Longmont from Minnesota in 1902 with her husband, Peter. Peter was a farmer and died an untimely death in 1903. Mrs. Rendahl and six of her seven children had the house built and moved into it in 1904. It was a large house, with 8 rooms and 1 bath. Mrs. Rendahl was a homemaker, and died in 1936. It was the depression at the time and the next owner decided to add on to the house and convert it into a rooming house.

The house has remained apartments since then. For 20 years Fred Lasnik was the owner and occupant of the house. Mr. Lasnik was a welder and blacksmith and was employed by the Great Western Sugar Factory as a boilermaker.