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Designated Landmarks

Park Hotel
246 Main Street

Landmark Designation: 1997

Construction Date: 1907

Architectural Style: 20th Century Commercial

Built by Ralph A. Kitely and A. Adams, this brick building is on a lot originally occupied by part of the Silver State Hotel which had been demolished in 1905 when the St. Vrain Block was constructed on the southeast corner of 3rd and Main.

Once known as the AKJ Building, the ground floor first housed the Adams & Kitely Merchandise Company which had become the Kitely, Johnson & St. Claire Hardware Co. by 1910. By 1916 the hardware business had moved to 314 Main and the AKJ Building housed an automobile sales room. The upper floors became the Park Hotel while the ground floor has been continuously used for commercial purposes, most recently as a tavern. Park Hotel has served as temporary, emergency housing in recent years.

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