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Designated Landmarks

Carlton Calkins Commercial Building
416 Main Street

Landmark Designation: 1996

Construction Date: 1906

Architectural Style: 20th Century Commercial

The original ownership of the Carlton Calkins Building is vague, although it is clear that Carlton Calkins was the civil engineer on the project. The building was constructed in three separate units. The street level was divided into two equal spaces. One unit, 418 Main, was leased to Worleys Book Store, the other unit, 420 Main Street, was leased to Booth Flemming Co. (dry goods). The upper level's use was that of a boarding house called "The Carlton". believed to be owned and operated by Mrs. Calkins.

Carlton Calkins completed his education at Union College, Chicago, where he received a degree in civil engineering in 1868. While in Chicago looking for work he saw an advertisement for "The Chicago Colorado Colony". He obtained Certificate #57 in the Colony and, with wife Catherine arrived in Longmont in 1871. He did many jobs, although best known for his surveying that he did for the colonists. In 1875 he purchased land northeast of Longmont, which extended his holdings to 640 acres. This land bordered Union Reservoir (call Calkins Lake). Calkins built the large reservoir in a dry depression on his land. Calkins built his first home in the 300 block on Coffman Street, after retiring from farming in 1895 he built another home on 4th and Bowen. It was after his move to town that Calkins turned his attention back to civil engineering on a full time basis. He was instrumental in the building of the flour mill in Longmont, Denver and several small elevators throughout Colorado and Utah. He was a well-known business man in the area and for 45 years he was director of the Farmers National Bank that he helped organize.

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