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Designated Landmarks

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German Congregational Church
641 Martin Street

Landmark Designation: 2005

Construction Date: 1924

Architectural Style: Vernacular Wood Frame

The original structure was built in 1924 by what was known as the German Congregational Church. It consisted largely of German-speaking immigrants from Russia. The German language was used in worship and in the minutes of business meetings for several decades, but gradually diminished. Both German and English were used for a time. This congregation built a new church at the corner of Francis and Mountain View in 1958. It is currently known as the Christ Congregational Church.

The church was built from lumber taken from the (Old) Coffin School, located in Weld County east of Longmont. A basement was added sometime between 1946 and 1949 and a small room at the rear of the building was added later. The German Congregational Church erected the house directly behind the church on Longs Peak Avenue as a parsonage in 1940. In 1985 the church tower was lowered to avoid leakage and problems with pigeons.

The church has a Vernacular style with Gothic elements as in the shape of the windows. The interior is of Akron design which impacts the exterior shape. It has a classroom adjacent to the sanctuary, and therefore is not symmetrical in design as contrasted to the basilica style which has a center door leading to a center aisle in the sanctuary.

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