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Designated Landmarks

Library Hall
335 Pratt Street

Landmark Designation: 1978

Construction Date: 1871

Architectural Style: Vernacular Wood Frame

This is a two story frame building of Cape Code type architecture. Originally the structure had a vestibule surmounted by a belfry which held a bell. However additions were made to the structure and the vestibule and belfry were removed.

This building was Longmont's first cultural, educational and recreational center and first free public library. The structure was built by Mrs. Elizabeth Thompson on land deeded to her by Seth Terry and Enoch J. Coffman, two of the original trustees of the Chicago-Colorado Colony. She donated the use of this building, to the Colony for all public purposes. She also donated 300 standard volumes of books and over 3,000 engravings and prints from the world-famous Thompson collections. At the same time, an organ, a bell for the bell tower and a flag were given by Colonel Pratt, one of the original organizers of the Colony.

Once inaugurated in 1871, the building was used by the colonists to hold a variety of programs from musical programs and debates to church services. The facility continued to be used as the social functions until the Dickens Opera House opened in 1881.

In 1898, the property was sold and turned into a private residence. During the 1920's the home was owned by the Great Western Sugar Company which rented to employees at low rent. In later years the home was converted to apartments.

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