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Designated Landmarks

Emmons-Adler House
858 3rd Avenue

Landmark Designation: 1986

Construction Date: 1903

Architectural Style: Four Square

Amos Jesse Emmons, began farming on his own when he was only sixteen. His father died when he was two and after the death of his mother, he joined the army to fight in the Civil War. Mustered out in 1866, he came to Colorado in search of his brother, George, who had come West in 1864.

Unable to locate his brother he worked at Blackhawk for $52 a month, soon raised to $75. In 1867 he rented a quarter section of land near Rinn, then bought an adjoining 80 acres where he built a log cabin. He added to holdings until he owned more than a thousand acres of irrigated and improved land. He also raised cattle.

Emmons was vitally interested in irrigation problems and many large Boulder Co. ditches were built under his supervision. He was a stockholder in milling and banking enterprises and an organizer of the Longmont Ice Co.

In 1876 he married Lovina Robinson and became the father of 7 children. In 1898, Emmons and his family moved to 858 3rd Avenue. In 1903, the original house was razed and the present house was built.

Carl H. Adler was born in Culp, Germany and at the age of three, his family moved to the United States. It is uncertain when Alder moved to Colorado. However, he soon established himself as a successful farmer and rancher in the Mead area. In 1919, Adler married Marry Minch and became the father of thirteen children. Mr. Adler and his family moved to this house after his retirement in 1951.

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