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Designated Landmarks

Third Avenue Grocery
1283 3rd Avenue

Landmark Designation: 2000

Construction Date: 1915

Architectural Style: Vernacular Wood Frame

3rd Avenue Grocery was built by/for Harry B. Morgan in 1915. For more than eighty years the residents of Longmont's west side neighborhood have been coming to this building, first for groceries and later for candy and sub-sandwiches. The 3rd Avenue Grocery store was built in a time when the neighborhood grocery was an integral part of life in rural America. Morgan's store sprung up to service and supply an ever growing area of Longmont. People were moving to and prospering from Longmont's agricultural economy, and were building homes on the west side of town. The building stayed a grocery store until the early 1970's when it was transformed into a candy and sandwich shop. This building and the people that make this place special are a time capsule of Longmont and the changes the town has been through. The 3rd Avenue Grocery is one of the last to survive as an example of the neighborhood grocery stores that were common to old Longmont.

HPC 2000-1