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Historic Architectural Survey

Third Phase has been completed.

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Longmont has two National Historic Districts the Eastside Historic District and the Westside Historic District. The Eastside Historic District is generally located between 4th and 8th Avenues between Kimbark and Atwood Streets. The Westside Historic District is located between 3rd and 5th Avenues between Terry and Grant Streets. Currently there are no locally designated historic districts in Longmont. Architectural and Context Surveys play an important role in developing the information necessary to not only create districts but for property owners, residents and local officials to make solid decisions about the future of an area.

Longmont Historic Architectural Survey

The Historic Architectural Survey began in 2001 with the survey of 120 homes between 4th and 8th Avenues along Kimbark and Emery Streets. These homes were surveyed to determine how many historic and potentially historic properties were located in the neighborhood. Determining the Historic assets in a neighborhood or area of a city is the first step towards actively preserving that area. It is with this goal that the Longmont Historic Preservation Commission (HPC) continues to approach the Colorado Historical Society for grants to continue the surveying of historic neighborhoods.

Since 2001, Longmont has been successful in receiving two grants from the Certified Local Governments Program of the Colorado Historical society.  These grants have allowed Longmont to survey over 360 properties.

Located on this website are links to the completed survey forms, maps and descriptions of the historically designated landmarks within Longmont. If you have questions about designating your property or wish to find out more information about HPC activities, contact Brien Schumacher at 303-651-8764 or

The following documentation below is broken down into the street or the avenue survey.

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