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Procedure for Applying for a Tax Credit

Find out if your property is historically designated by calling the Longmont Planning and Development Services Division at 303-651-8330 or email the Planning and Develoment Services Division. If your property is not designated you must have your property landmarked prior to applying for the tax credit program.

Apply for preliminary approval by submitting the application form (Part 1), rehabilitation plans, photographs of the property and the application fee. The check must be made out to the City of Longmont with Certified Local Government (CLG) Historic Tax Credit Application Fee written in the memo field.

DO NOT begin work until you have received preliminary approval.

Upon receiving preliminary approval, begin work.

Complete work within 24 months of the date preliminary approval was granted.

Within 60 days of completion of work, submit application for approval of completed work along with photographs and any additional fees to the appropriate reviewing entity, City of Longmont or Colorado Historical Society (CHS).

The CLG or CHS verifies that: the completed work conforms to approved plans; the completed work was done in the appropriate period of time; and that the completed work preserves and maintains the historic qualities of the property.

The Historic Preservation Commission will issue a verification form which is retained by the taxpayer.

Taxpayer submits verification form with tax return being filed for the year in which the work is completed.