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Planning and Zoning Commission Agenda, February 20, 2013

*Videos of Meetings/Meeting Schedule/Minutes

**View copy of meeting packet - Part 1 - General Business Information (131KB)

**View copy of meeting packet - Part 2 - Grandview Meadows (7.76MB)

**View copy of meeting packet - Part 3 - Northstar Annexation (6.07MB)





DATE: February 20, 2013

TIME: 6:00 p.m.

PLACE: City Council Study Session conference room located next to the Council Chambers


DATE: February 20, 2013

TIME: 7:00 p.m.

PLACE: City Council Chambers, Civic Center Complex, 3rd and Emery St.

1. Call to Order

2. Roll Call

3. Communications

4. Public invited to be heard

5. Election of Chairman and Vice-Chairman

6. Designation of the Planning and Zoning Commission agenda’s official posting locations for public meeting information

7. Approval of the 2013 Meeting Schedule

8. Approval of the 2013 Bylaws

9. Approval of the 2013 Posting Locations

10. Approval of the minutes:

November 28, 2012

The following projects are public hearing items:

11. Grandview Meadows Preliminary PUD Development Plan Amendment and Variances to the Riparian Setback and Residential Design Standards, PZR 2013-2 A, B, C , Senior Planner Don Burchett (See link above)

Location: East of Grandview Meadows Drive, south of Redmond Drive and North of Altona Middle School

Purpose: A proposed amendment to the original PUD Development Plan for the Grandview Meadows Apartment Complex to add 80 Multi-family apartments to the south end of the property. The applicant is also requesting a variance to the required 100 foot riparian setback from Dry Creek. The request would reduce the setback to 80 feet for the south western end of the property. The variance to the residential design standards relate to the variation requirements in building design.

PZ: P/Z is the Decision Making Body and the P/Z’s action is final unless appealed within 7 days. If appealed, the City Council will review the appeal within 60 days of the appeal. This is a quasi-judicial proceeding

12. North Star Annexation, Zoning and Concept Plan and Neighborhood Park LACP Amendment, PZR 2013-1 A, B, C, Senior Planner Don Burchett (See link above)

Location: Northeast of Plateau Road and N 79th Street, west of Renaissance Drive and south of Clover Basin Drive

Purpose: Annexation of approximately 40 acres with residential zoning for 64 single family dwellings and an LACP amendment to remove 0.65 acres (28,314 square feet) from the future 17.7 acre neighborhood park site

PZ: PZ makes a recommendation to the City Council who is the Decision Making Body on this application. The application has elements which
are both legislative and quasi-judicial elements and as such, should be treated as a quasi-judicial proceeding


13. Final Call – Public invited to be heard

14. Items from the Commission

15. Items from the Council Representative

16. Items from the Development Services Manager

17. Adjournment



2013 Planning and Zoning Commission schedule

(Bolded dates are the regular meeting dates)
(*denotes special meeting dates – if needed)

If you need special assistance in order to participate in the Planning and Zoning meeting, please contact the Planning Division at 303-651-8330 in advance of the meeting to make arrangements.

2013 Meeting Schedule - Tentative until approved at first Planning and Zoning Commission meeting of 2013

January 16
January 23*
February 20
February 27*
March 20
March 27*
April 17
April 24*
May 15
May 22*
June 19
June 26*
July 17
July 24*
August 21
August 28*
September 18
September 25*
October 16
October 23*
November 20
(No special meeting in November)
December 18

(No special meeting in December)