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Multi-Modal Transportation Plan (MMTP)

Multi-Modal Transportation Plan, Longmont, CO
If you have any questions on any of the aspects of the Multi-Modal Transportation Plan please contact Transportation Planner Phil Greenwald at 303-651-8335 or email the Planning and Development Services Division at

The following PDF files require Adobe Acrobat Reader to view. Please visit our support page to download a free version of Acrobat Reader..

The following pdf files are sections of the Final Multi-Modal Transportation Plan.

Cover Sheet (126 KB)

Acknowledgements - Table of Contents - Glossary (47 KB)

Introduction (270 KB)

Vision and Goals (217 KB)

Community Involvement (166 KB)

Multi-Modal System Plan (212 KB) / System Plan Map (330 KB)

Bicycle Vision Plan (194 KB) / Bicycle Map (541 KB)

Pedestrian Vision Plan (716 KB) / Pedestrian Map (224 KB)

Transit Vision Plan (622 KB) / Transit Vision Map (170 KB)

Travel Demand Management (138 KB)

Roadway Vision Plan (190 KB) / Roadway Map (424 KB)

(206 KB)

Truck Routes (61 KB) / Truck Routes Map (172 KB)

Roadway, Corridor, and Truck Route Policies (65 KB)

Implementation of the Plan (107 KB)