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Remove graffiti as quickly as possible. Graffiti can be seen as a status symbol – removing it quickly eliminates this stance.

There are two types of graffiti: gang graffiti and tagging graffiti. Each is distinctive from the other.

Graffiti has been called the "Newspaper of the Streets”. Street gang members put up graffiti to increase their visibility. Gang graffiti is usually much more primitive and sometimes more easily read than graffiti done by taggers. Gang graffiti may show alliances between gangs, mark the scene of a crime, or commemorate the death of a beloved "homie" (with slogans such as "In memory of ......" or "RIP ......"). Cross-outs of individual letters or of rival gang names are common. This means that Individual letters are crossed-out when that letter is in a rival gang's name. Local graffiti


There are two types of calls for graffiti assistance. The first type is a graffiti call in-progress, meaning it is occurring as a resident is watching. The second type of call is one in which there are no witnesses but the graffiti still needs to be removed.


Each and every request made for an in-progress graffiti call at the police department is tracked through the Longmont Communications Center . If the graffiti call is in-progress, officers will be sent as quickly as possible.

Residents play a critical role in being the eyes and ears for the community. Many of those recently caught defacing property have been arrested as a result of a call from the community. Residents are most effective when calling 9-1-1 for a graffiti IN-PROGRESS call when they can provide a plate number, description of the vehicle (color, make/model, and year) and number of occupants, what the people defacing the property are wearing, approximate age as well as their gender. Do not approach those involved in what you believe is illegal activity.


For those instances in which the graffiti is NOT IN PROGRESS the City of Longmont 's Code Enforcement provides oversight. To report graffiti not in-progress you can call 303.774-GEAR (4327). Calls will be responded to Monday thru Friday within 48 hours.


The City of Longmont encourages residents, citizens, civic groups and others to become part of the "Adopt-A-Spot" program. Adopt a transformer box, utility box, fence, concrete abutment or any other "thing" near where you live. Sign up to request free paint and graffiti removal supplies if you wish to take an active part in actual graffiti removal. The Adopt-A-Spot program can also be used to actively report graffiti to the GEAR hotline whenever you see it. Contact Code Enforcement to sign up for Adopt-A-Spot at 303-651-8695.