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Traffic Accident Reporting

The Longmont Police Department is sorry to learn that you have been involved in a traffic accident. We realize that accident reporting can be a difficult and confusing process. If you were involved in an accident in which the Longmont Police Department responded, a report was taken and submitted to the State of Colorado for you and no further action is required. The officer should have provided you with a reference number (case number) to report to your insurance company.

If the Longmont Police Department did not respond to your accident, you are still required to report it. Below are a few situations that may constitute the need to report an accident after the fact:

The accident occurred on private property and:

The accident was a hit and run and:

Longmont was on accident alert and:

If one of the above circumstances applied to you, you must choose the following options:

1. You may use the Colorado State Patrol Online Accident Reporting System
You will complete the online State of Colorado Traffic Accident Report at and submit it electronically. Please follow the on-line instructions carefully. Once successfully submitted, a reference number will be provided to you.

2. You may print the report from here for handwritten completion

If you choose Option 2, you will print the State of Colorado Traffic Accident Report, complete it, and mail it to the State of Colorado Motor Vehicle Division Traffic Records, Denver, CO 80621-0016. There is an instructional cover page that accompanies the form. Please follow the directions carefully. It is suggested that you keep a copy of the report for your records. You will be able to call the Department of Motor Vehicles at 303.205.5793 two weeks after you mail your report for a reference number.

In addition, you may wish to call your insurance agent and advise him/her of the accident and follow their instructions. Your insurance company may request your reference number (case number) when filing a claim. The Longmont Police Department does not keep copies of any accident reports generated from the above options.

A commonly asked question is whether or not law enforcement will take action at a later date against either driver in a "cold" accident report situation. Neither the Longmont Police nor Colorado State Patrol will take enforcement action against any driver for "causing the accident". At this point, the report is prepared to satisfy a State of Colorado requirement that the accident be reported and for insurance purposes.

If you have any questions about your accident, please contact the Longmont Police Department at 303.651.8555.