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Patrol Services Division, Special Operations, Animal Control

Animal Control is responsible for handling calls for service concerning domestic animals and certain wildlife. This isAnimal Control Dec 2010 accomplished through: enforcement of municipal ordinances and state statutes relating to animals; pet licensing; and working with pet owners to resolve problems. Animal Control serves as the department's liaison to the Humane Society, Boulder County Health Department, Colorado Division of Wildlife, State Brand Commission, animal refuge centers, and local veterinarians.

VACCINATIONS ARE REQUIRED WITHIN LONGMONT CITY LIMITS. According to Longmont Municipal Ordinance, rabies vaccinations are required for all Longmont pets.

7.04.040 - It is unlawful to own, keep, harbor, or possess any dog or cat over the age three months that has not been vaccinated against rabies. The owner shall have the animal vaccinated by a licensed veterinarian, and shall keep the vaccinations current. The vaccines must be ones licensed by the US Department of Agriculture, approved by the Colorado Department of Health and provide for at least a two-year duration of immunity.

It is unlawful to bring, own, keep, harbor or possess any Vietnamese pot-bellied pigs in the city unless the pig has been inspected and issued a Colorado Certificate of Veterinary Inspection by a veterinarian, who is licensed and accredited by the State of Colorado. The owner shall maintain proof of the inspection.

BREED BANS. There is a lot of controversy about breed-specific legislation, many differing opinions. In Longmont there are no breed specific laws in place. All dogs have the potential to run at large, be a nuisance or even bite. It is up to the owner to control their animal and be a responsible pet owner. Longmont animal laws are designed to enforce that they do. Longmont Animal Control is a strong advocator for responsible pet ownership no matter what the breed of animal.


City of Longmont information on animal licenses.

Pet licensing form to be completed and taken to the Longmont Humane Society. Pet licenses can also be purchased from any Longmont Police Department Animal Control Officer.

City of Longmont Municipal Ordinances regarding animals within the city limits.

Longmont Dog Parks


If you are wishing to report an animal that is in a life threatening situation today, please call 303.651.8500.

For non-emergency information regarding animal related issues you may call 303.651.8500 or email Sgt Jesse Buchholtz.