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Patrol Services Division, Detective Operations

The Detective Division is responsible for the continued investigation of felony criminal cases and some of the more complex misdemeanor cases.


This division is divided into four units.


The Persons Crimes Unit, is responsible for investigating crimes committed against people, including: homicide and death investigations, sexual assault, robbery, aggravated assault, kidnapping, child abuse, extortion, fraud, forgery, and weapon offenses.

The Property Crimes Unit, is responsible for investigating crimes committed against property, including: burglary, trespass, auto theft, criminal mischief, theft, arson, and white collar/computer crime.

The Special Enforcement Unit is responsible for investigating vice and narcotics crimes.

The Property & Evidence Section handles all property that is booked at the Longmont Police Department. This section is responsible for maintaining the integrity of evidence and works closely with officers, the municipal prosecutor, the district attorney's office, and municipal, county, and district courts.





To reach someone in the Detective Division you can email or call (303)651-8523