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Domestic violence is a serious and prevalent social problem affecting the quality of life in the City of Longmont. Recognizing the need to enhance this area of law enforcement response, the department created the domestic violence unit in 1998.

Longmont has two officers assigned to the domestic violence unit. These officers are well educated in intimate relationship violence and provide officer training, victim advocacy and serves as a liaison to the community. They conduct follow-up interviews, obtain additional evidence (medical reports, photos, etc.), prepare arrest warrants, and insures complete case files are forwarded to the district attorney's office for prosecution.

The statistics for domestic violence in Longmont remain high. The Longmont Police Department arrests more domestic violence offenders than any other agency in Boulder County, in spite of the fact it is only the third largest jurisdiction.

To reach the Longmont Police Department Domestic Violence Unit you can email (Officer Mark Deaton) or email (Officer Sandra Esters). You may also call (303)651 - 8517 (Officer Mark Deaton) or call (303)774 - 4720 (Officer Sandra Esters)

Though these figures are high, we recognize they reflect only 1/5 of the number of victims that actually contact the Safe Shelter of St. Vrain Valley, the local safehouse. This agency provides emergency counseling and shelter for domestic violence victims. Please call (303) 772 - 4422, 24-hours a day to access services.

We know from asking the community, that friends, relatives, and co-workers are aware of the abuse at its inception. If this is indeed the case, we need to "arm" these residents with information to assist. It is our responsibility as residents to become involved. The Longmont Police Departments Domestic Violence Unit is an active part of a community collaboration created to change the way residents respond to domestic violence. The Longmont Ending Violence Initiative (LEVI) is an awareness project designed to enlist the entire community in an effort to reduce domestic violence. LEVI provides non-emergency prevention/education materials as well as referrals to domestic violence resources. To reach LEVI you can email or call (303)774 - 4534.