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Police Services Division, Special Operations, School Resource Officers (SRO's)

The School Resource Officers are available to assist school administrators and staff, students, parents, and nearby residents in ensuring that the school environment remains safe from crime and disorder.

Goals of the SRO program:


Longmont Police Services School Resource Officers


Officer Staci Stallings

Silver Creek High School

Staci Stallings

Officer Bill Clark

Timberline PK-8

Trail Ridge Middle School

SRO Bill Clark

Officer Jason Malterud

Longmont High School

Jason Malterud

MPO Craig Mansanares

Skyline High School

SRO Craig Mansanares

MPO Scott Pierce

Sunset Middle School

Altona Middle School

SRO Scott Pierce

MPO Kathy Sanner

Longs Peak Middle School

Westview Middle School

SRO Kathy Sanner


To speak with Sergeant Doug Ross, supervisor for the School Resource Officers, you mail email or call (303)651 - 8525.