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Longmont Sex Offender Registration


Registered Sex Offender Information

Colorado law requires offenders convicted of unlawful sexual behavior, or an offense the underlying factual basis of which was unlawful sexual behavior, to register with local law enforcement where they permanently or temporarily reside.  Longmont's sex offender registration list is updated weekly and is available to the public free of charge at the Records window of the Longmont Police Department, 225 Kimbark Street.

Sex offenders who have been convicted of a certain felony sex offenses, those who fail to comply with registration requirements, and those who have multiple convictions for unlawful sexual behavior may be posted on Longmont Police Department’s website.  The public should not assume that all sex offenders living in Longmont are posted on our website.

Anyone wanting more information about the specific crime(s) resulting in an offender's requirement to register can contact either the Colorado Bureau of Investigation (CBI) or the law enforcement agency where the crime occurred..  The CBI provides on-line Colorado criminal history information if a requestor is able to provide an offender's name and date-of-birth. Sex offender names and birth dates are listed on Longmont sex offender registration list).  To access the CBI’s Colorado criminal history records, log on to, select the "CBI Records Check" bullet under Features, and follow the prompts.  Access to this information requires pre-payment of a small fee (credit card only).  The response from the CBI will be immediate if the registrant is not an out-of-state offender.  Keep in mind that the offense(s) the offender was charged with or convicted of may not accurately reflect the level of risk the offender poses.

There is a category of offender that Colorado State law refers to as "sexually violent predators" (SVP).   The distinction of SVP is based on factors such as offender age at the time of the offense(s), relationship to victim(s), and positive results on a risk assessment evaluation administered by professionals approved by the Sex Offender Management Board.  When a sexually violent predator is released into a community, local law enforcement is required to conduct community notification meetings to ensure that citizens are aware of the individual's presence in the community where the registrant will be living.

For more information please contact Denise Wood, Records Manager, 303 - 651 - 8506
or the Longmont Police Department.