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Domestic Violence


At least one woman is battered every fifteen seconds. Very few will tell anyone. Victims of domestic violence come from all walks of life, all cultures, all income groups, all ages, all religions. They share feelings of helplessness, isolation, guilt, fear and shame.

Are you abused? Does the person you love...

If you answer "yes" to even a few of these questions, it's time to get help! There are no easy answers, but there are things you can do to protect yourself:

Don't ignore the problem! Contact your family court for information about a civil protection order that doesn't involve criminal charges or penalties or talk to a friend about it. Part of the abuser's power comes from secrecy. Finally, plan ahead and know what you will do if you are attacked again. If you decide to leave, choose a place to go and set aside some money. Put important papers together -- marriage license, birth certificates, checkbooks, insurance information -- in a place where you can get them quickly.