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Longmont Police Department, Crime Prevention

Internet Scams

The Internet has become a large resource for online shopping research and communication with family and friends all around the world. Investors and businesses are using the Internet as an investment highway. Unfortunately, it has also attracted the swindler, who is always willing to cheat you out of your hard-earned money.

Pyramid selling

Individuals receive messages about getting rich quick. They are encouraged to recruit others to join the scheme and collect money from them. This is how you make money; often there is no product.

Online stocks

The swindler buys failing stocks and shares to inflate the price to attract new customers. The company who is failing usually buys these themselves. The stocks have very little value. Frequently the company fails, and the investors lose their money.

Junk e-mail

Swindlers use junk e-mail to contact lots of potential investors for very little cost to themselves, hoping to catch the unsuspecting investor. They have the ability to make these e-mails sound very enticing, and even the most savvy of individuals can get caught.

On line shopping and auctions

Shopping on line for that special or rare item often turns out to be not as described in the brochure, and sometimes does not exist at all. Auction houses are the most popular for this type of fraud.

For additional information contact the Police Programs Coordinator at 303 - 774 - 4440.

Boulder County provides a Community Protection Division that is an excellent resource to file complaints and seek additional information.