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Listed below are a number of specialized maps available from Engineering Services.

City Map: This map is $10 and shows streets and street names, private roads, parks and recreation areas, golf courses, city facilities, schools, waterways, city limits, and railroads. There is a grid overlay and street index to help in locating particular streets. New developments are posted as they are recorded, so this map is a work in progress.

2012 City Vertical Landmark - This map shows the locations of the vertical benchmarks and the associated numbers that the City of Longmont has available. Also, with this map is an associated 2012 List with the numbers, elevations, and descriptions. All benchmarks are listed in North American Vertical Data (NAVD 88) elevations.

Coordinate Positioning Map (Please Note: Large file size = 1,097 kb) This map shows latitude, longitude, northings and eastings for section corners and some quarter corners in and around the city. The information is derived from state plane coordinates. The horizontal data is based on NAD 83/92 HARN, and the vertical data is based on NAD 88. Not only is this map a reference for the professional, but it is also handy for the owners of GPS receivers.

FEMA Flood Insurance Rate Maps: This set of 9 maps was published by FEMA in 1995 and shows the location of the 100-year and 500-year flood plains in and around the city. Numerous Letters of Map Revision (LOMRs) have also been published as updates for this map set. The LOMRs are also available. Mortgage companies must check these maps to determine whether to require flood insurance when extending federally insured loans.

FEMA Map: This in-house map shows the location of the 100-year and 500-year floodplains in the city. It is based on the 1995 FEMA Flood Insurance Rate Map, but does not yet have all the existing Letters of Map Revision posted. This map is a good picture of general areas of flooding but should not be used for flood determination of properties on the edge of a flood plain.

Fire Coverage Map: This map indicates the location of and response area for each Fire Station.

1920 Survey Map (Please Note: Large file size = 1,625 kb)

1932 Survey Map, Part 1 (Please Note: Large file size = 1,163 kb)

1932 Survey Map, Part 2 (Please note: Large file size = 1,473 kb)

These maps, composed by Edwin Bice in 1920 and updated in 1932, show lot and block dimensions for various subdivisions in Old Town Longmont and can be used by surveyors to help locate property lines.

Subdivision Plats: The over one thousand recorded plats within the city limits are available individually. A plat shows the meets and bounds description of the subdivision boundary, lot lines, easements, streets, waterways and other features of the development. It does not show the edge of pavement, curb, gutter, sidewalk, fences or building footprints.

Survey Benchmark Map: This map shows the location of benchmarks in the city. It comes with a list of descriptions and elevations for the benchmarks. The elevations are based on USGS 1929 data.

Traffic Volume Map: This map shows the most recent 24 hour traffic counts (rounded to the nearest hundred) for most collector and arterial streets, with the month and year during which the count was done.

Urban Stormwater Drainage Master Plan: This set of maps shows the storm drainage system for the city overlaid with contours. The contours were mapped in 1992 and the master plan is dated 1994.

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Updated 7/30/13